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Aalani Renee Necole is perfectionist in her own right. She prides herself in making every interaction with her and her team an experience. In the elegance of professionalism and making booking Aalani Renee Necole a breeze, below are some key elements that will help make your planning as seamless as possible. Should you need additional information, please feel free to contact us at 

3 Reasons Why... you should book Aalani Renee Necole

1. Interactive Presentation - Aalani Renee Necole is poet and playwright at heart. She utilizes this skill set to bring the audience in and  presents key tools to Birthing The Dream through interactive and theatrical presentations guaranteed to have them sitting on the edge of their seats and engaged in the process. 

2. Ultimate Professional - Aalani Renee Necole prides herself as the ultimate professional, timely and effective. Giving not only the guest but the host of the event a seamless, interactive, educational experience. 

3. Timeless - The strategic techniques and universalism of Aalani's content reaches women of all ages, geographic locations and backgrounds. There is no dream that is not attainable with time. 

Travel & Lodging

Unless otherwise noted in the contract agreement, Aalani's team will handle the travel arrangements per event. If your event is held in a hotel, Aalani perfers to stay in the hotel where the event will be held. All travel and lodging expenses will be sent on the final invoice. 


>250 attendees; a raised platform with exit to the audience

<250, no platform necessary

Please provide a copy of the room set-up at least 2 weeks prior to your event.

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