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Aalani Renee Necole delivers keynote presentations primarily about two things - entrepreneurship and its connection to womanhood!
Her main objective is to encourage women who have given up on their dreams to produce a platform for those that they love and support. She gears her programs and coaching strategies on remembering self worth, implementing new goals to sustain independence all while chasing your dream.  Aalani's Signature Program "Birth the Dream"™ 9-step Program broken into 3 Trimester of Laboring through the process to Birth Your Vision and  live in Your Purpose.  
"There is such a beauty in  motherhood, being a wife and all of the other hats that women wear, but when the hat comes off.... who are you? What do you want? What are your dreams?"  - Aalani Renee Necole
During Aalani's keynotes on Birthing the Dream and G.O.A.L. attendees will:
  • Understand what purpose vs. passion is
  • Learn how to bounce back from set-backs
  • Discover what threats hinder them from achieving their goals
  • Gain a strong awareness of what stage their dream is in
  • Begin the framework on moving to the next trimester of birthing their dreams
  • Learn the 3 Stages of Birthing their Dreams
  • Discover what threats hinder them from achieving their goals
  • Understand how networking can be effective as it relates to your personality (extrovert or introvert)
The trimesters take you from idea to launch and on to purpose to paycheck! Aalani's inspirational messages move women to believe again, that they can be all that they are and more! By equipping women with the necessary tools to start their businesses all while maintaining their everyday busy lives! 
"It's okay to take a step at a time... just take a step" - Aalani Renee Necole

Birthing Your Dream

Aalani Renee Necole creatively captivates the inner-workings of business strategy while guiding you through the trimesters of birthing your dream. Outlining an innovative blueprint and excavating an intimate portrayal of the labor pains and beauty of the business birthing process!
The Postpartum Dream​©

The Postpartum Dream​

Dreams and goals are life to the budding entrepreneur, but what happens when the dream is fulfilled but you are not? Aalani Renee Necole explains the symptoms and strategically navigates the audience to a healthy cognizance of what to do when postpartum depression of your dream sets in.
The Miscarried Dream​©

The Miscarried Dream​

The birthing of a business can be life changing and even more so life altering when the business fails. Aalani Renee Necole revolutionizes the strategy of working through the loss of a business. Emotionally driven from her real-life experiences with failing business and the loss of children through miscarriage, Aalani Renee Necole grips the soul, opens the windows of the mind and captures the essence of rebuilding after the miscarrying your dreams.
G.O.A.L. (Girl, Opportunities Alter Life)​™


Strategies on annihilating your goals through strategic planning and elimination of threats. Taking the S.W.O.T. outline to develop a plan of action for you want to achieve. 
The Stillborn Dream​©

The Stillborn Dream​

When the work has been completed and the money has been spent the dream that you once breathed for is still. Unresponsive. Pronounced dead upon arrival. Aalani Renee Necole enraptures the audience with this critically strategic guide on enrapturing the dream when it is lifeless.
Network & Chill ™

Network & Chill

Networking can be hard! But, it doesn't have to be. Learn the tools and strategies to assist you in conquering networking to grow and expand your business contacts, clients & and gain branding topographical expansion.